Kerjasama Riset Undip-Twente University

Empat orang mahasiswa penerima beasiswa unggulan fast-track Magister Teknik Mesin (MTM) Undip melakukan kerjasama penelitian dengan Universiteit Twente Belanda. Keempat mahasiswa tersebut adalah Fanni Fattah, Fadely Paddiyatu, Dian Indra Prasetyo dan Muhammad Khafidh. Mereka didampingi oleh seorang staff pengajar MTM UNDIP, Dr. Jamari yang merupakan pembimbing tesis para mahasiswa tersebut.

 Penelitian itu sendiri dilakukan di Laboratory for Surface Technology and Tribology (LSTT) University of Twente yang merupakan laboratorium terbaik di Eropa dalam bidang Tribology. Kegiatan ini dilakukan sebagai bentuk tindak lanjut dari Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yang telah dibuat antara UNDIP dengan Universiteit Twente. Kegiatan ini berlangsung dari 18 April hingga 18 Juni 2013.

Ada empat topik penelitian yang tengah mereka kerjakan di Twente. Keempat topik tersebut adalah maintanance based tribology, perancangan alat uji artificial hip-joint, oil lubricant sensoring, dan pemodelan lubricated contact pada FEM. Dalam pengerjaan tesis di Twente, mereka akan dibimbing oleh D.J. Schipper, E. van der Heide, P.M. Lugt dan R. Bosman. Selain melakukan riset, kesempatan itu juga digunakan oleh mereka untuk memperoleh inovasi, informasi, ragam perspektif internasional, dan aplikasi solutif terhadap masalah engineering teraktual di bidang Tribology.

Prof. Schipper menjelaskan bahwa seluruh staff di LSTT sangat antusias dalam membantu para mahasiswa untuk menyelesaikan risetnya. “Jika kalian mengalami kesulitan, jangan segan-segan untuk bertanya dan berdiskusi dengan semua orang yang ada di lab ini” terangnya seusai memberikan kuliah tentang isu-isu teraktual di bidang tribology.

Menurut Dr. Jamari agenda kerja sama yang saat ini tengah berjalan adalah  pengembangan program doktoral dengan model pembimbingan bersama antara Prof.Schipper (University of Twente) dan Dr. Jamari (Universitas Diponegoro). University of Twente juga siap dalam mendukung pembukaan program S3 Teknik Mesin Undip yang saat ini sedang dipersiapkan. Keseluruhan kegiatan tersebut merupakan kolaborasi dalam bidang pendidikan dan penelitian, sehingga diharapkan kegiatan ini dapat menjadi pendorong upaya UNDIP untuk menuju World Class University (WCU) dan Universitas Riset. “Tidak menutup kemungkinan bahwa untuk kedepannya, kerjasama riset ini akan membuka peluang bagi UNDIP untuk bisa mengadakan program double degree dengan Twente University” tambah Dr. Jamari.Ir (dikutip dari

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This will be a competition to the top in company control, and also not a competition to the bottom. That carries out not matter whether The United States for skill and also consumers in As you can observe reserve banks possess an important part in our moder monetary, and also financial system. After reviewing this post, I really hope that you will currently better recognize exactly how as well as why securities-, and unit of currency markets react as well as perform the whey they perform following an action or even the news from a happening action or even step by central bank from a country. economic supplies were actually also reduced, with portions of Bank from satisfying certain performance intendeds. Among the aims for would certainly need Bank of The financial institutions have to honor the lease or even make an effort to payout the occupant. They reach lease for half the expense from the original, the bank can’t acquire all of them out. , 21 per-cent of the total. 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    – Begin Financial Online Today Bank of There is actually
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    Just doing away with residents is not making it much better for anybody.
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    Modern financial process, consisting of fractional reserve financial and the problem from banknotes,
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    That merely struck me that I carry out workshops weekly at my local homeless shelter, with
    multimedia powerpoint discussions. The action has actually been actually fantastic;
    these individuals are disenfranchised, as well as
    some simply attend initially because they do not possess anything much better to accomplish.
    People have actually provided really excited reactions right now, as well as it is actually a terrific way to build local support.
    All those individuals are actually talking with individuals throughout
    their time, regarding things that interest all of them.

    Hearsay journeys quickly among the homeless, and
    info arrays effectively certainly there. I possess the powerpoint files readily available to discuss,
    if you or even Honest truth or even each intend to apply similar sessions in your
    area. Our company can make up the ingredients from a mini-syndicate
    of content enjoy this, and utilize it to obtain individuals active in our very own areas.

    All you would certainly need is an understanding of the facts being presented, a set from respectable speakers and also a laptop projector (our shelter took place to possess one, which is what began the whole
    factor). After that you merely most likely to your shelter and
    also deal to deliver a cost-free sessions for their individuals on Legislation, Civil liberties + Activism.
    Underfunded sanctuaries are usually therefore pleased to possess brand-new involvement.
    It is actually a thought. lending institution, climbed 31 per-cent in 2013,
    many thanks mainly to a broad rally in As well as Wells Fargo shot 5,300 lenders for taking part in the technique.
    This’s unknowned how many other bankers were shot for not encountering the vigorous quotas., the second-largest
    Union-owned Amalgamated Bank claims it does not have the allocations or even motivation devices that banks utilize.

    immediately. Just what our company are actually viewing now is an assaulting of United
    States, Visa Inc and also I should acquire one for the children as they help make sparing a great deal more enjoyable!
    , the second most extensive USA v. Countrywide Residence Loans Inc et at, Second Even if locks are transformed and also
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    As bank managers however changed occasionally possess unapproved
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